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When insects interfere with human activities and become pests at your Edmonton property, its time to exterminate. Our extermination services are designed with action plans that eliminate problems and help prevent them from happening again. We keep safety and awareness at the top of our list when performing extermination. We use various forms of safety equipment and safety measures that ensure that any control processes that are conducted are free from off-target harm. At Tango Down Pest Control, we realize that life can be stressful, even without a pest problem. We work closely with our clients to help alleviate some of the stress or anxiety that can be associated with pest problems to make sure the home or business gets back to normal. Working with industry leading companies have given us the ability to keep a high standard of products and equipment at our disposal to ensure our clients are safe and back to living pest-free. If you need pests exterminated from your Edmonton home or business, Contact us today!

Our inspection of a home or business starts with an expert understanding of the biology and behavior patterns of different pests. We conduct full pest inspection reports that outline the severity of the problem, where the problem is located, actions needed for control, how the problem may have started, and key points for future prevention. Upon the discovery of a pest problem at your Edmonton property, a consultation can be given to discuss options for control, as well as options for preventing the possibility of future problems from occurring. For commercial businesses or recurring sites of concern, inspections can be scheduled and set to the frequency that meets the needs of the business or residence. We offer FREE inspection with all extermination appointments. What does that mean? Good question! should you need our expert pest inspection service, upon completion should you choose to schedule any extermination services with us, the cost of the inspection will be deducted. So if your Edmonton home or business needs an expert pest inspection, contact us today!

Our preventative pest control service can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your Edmonton home or business. Unfortunately, a history of pest problems within a home or business can develop a habit of repeating themselves and cause ongoing extermination processes to be started. We've designed our preventative pest service geared towards meeting the unique needs of our clients to prevent pests from causing recurring problems. As well as saving time and money, our preventative pest programs benefit the well being of residents and businesses by minimizing the need for ongoing extermination processes. Contact us today to set a scheduled Preventative Pest Program that meets the needs of your

The best way to keep insects away is with our preventative spray! It's great for preventing future problems from happening and helps to avoid the need for complete extermination processes. Our preventative spray provides months of protection for peace of mind from hundreds of different types of insects and is perfectly suited for problematic or high risk residential and commercial spaces. Need long lasting protection from insects at your Edmonton home or business? Contact us today and schedule your preventative spray!

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