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If a serious insect or rodent problem develops in your home, you will probably want a quality pest control service. Nonetheless, it's a good idea to set aside time to select a dependable pest control company with up-to-date technology. Many Edmonton residents turn to Tango Down Pest Control in this situation. Our company delivers lasting solutions to a wide range of pest problems. Whether you have a single pest emergency, an ongoing problem, our certified pest exterminator at Tango Down Pest Control will work with you to provide an environmentally responsible pest control prosses for your Edmonton home. When you need safe, reliable, innovative pest control solutions with minimum toxicity and a maximum results for peace of mind, Tango Down Pest Control is at your service!

Bed bugs have become a big problem with residential housing in Edmonton. They have invaded our apartment buildings and houses. First, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine the severity of the bed bug infestation and then craft an effective treatment plan to exterminate bed bugs from your residential living space. We provide you with a tailored treatment plan and preparation guidelines for achieving maximum control. With more residential properties being affected by bed bugs, it's important to hire a professional bed bug exterminator before they start affecting your friends and families properties. Call us today for bed bug control and take back your living space!

Mice are the most common of the rodents to invade a residential home. They cause havoc in the household and their habits are both destructive and devastating. Mice most commonly congregate in living rooms, kitchens and basements. These rodents gnaw at wood, plastic and even furniture. Because rodents can do a lot more than leaving their droppings and getting into your food, it is important not to let a rodent infestation get severe. Rodents can also chew on electrical wires throughout your home, creating a serious fire hazard. Rodents can chew on the tubing of furnaces that is intended to act as a safety system and if this tubing is compromised, the furnace can start to malfunction and cause heat loss. They also breed very fast using false bottoms under sinks, inside furniture, garages, or any other place they can find shelter to populate. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to help determine the severity of your rodent problem to develop a pest control plan that will exterminate any rodents within your structure. Contact us today and we will end your rodent problem, once and for all!

What Do I Need to Do Prior To My Service Visit?
We will advise you of any specific actions to take before a visit, or things to avoid immediately after a treatment has been performed. Usually, taking measures to keep exterior foliage maintained around your home, keeping tall grass cut prior to treatment, turning off sprinklers etc. make exterior pest control services run much more smoothly. When we are required to check the interior of your home, you can help our visit by picking up any toys that could be accidentally stepped on, moving any pet dishes that could be tripped over, moving potted plants out of the way, or restraining animals such as dogs that may become aggressive towards our technician.

How Long Do Residential Pest Treatments Take?
The amount of time that we are active on your property will depend largely on the size of your home or property along with the severity of your pest issue. After your initial service visit, the time spent active on your property will usually lessen if additional appointments are required. However, each visit will usually include a full walk-through of the property looking for changes or signs of pest activity, checking traps, setting preventative measures in place, reducing pest populations. On average our service appointments are completed in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. If additional time is needed, we will clearly communicate those requirements to you.

What Can I Expect When I Call You?
If you've never needed to book an appointment for pest control before, it could be a potentially difficult call for you to make. On top of the stress of having to deal with a pest problem, many pest companies can often use a lot of jargon, which you may or may not understand and could end up leaving you confused if you had no idea what was going to happen in the first place. We communicate with you on a more human level so that you're fully prepared for what's in store. We also work hard at streamlining our services for you as much as possible, so that we don't cause any unnecessary interference to your household or neighborhood.

What Can I Expect On My Service Visit?
You can always expect prompt, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, and specialized service when you book with us. We look closely at the full scope of your particular situation in order to answer the questions needed for a calculated approach to eliminating your pest problem. When we return to follow up the appointment, our expert exterminator will continue to inspect your home while using pest control strategies that are targeted at reducing any remaining pest activity or preventing future ones from developing.

We take pride in providing Edmonton residents with quality pest control 7 days a week. Schedule your appointment today to get started!

Residential Structures We Service

  • Town Houses And Condos
  • Apartment Units
  • Detached Houses
  • Semi Detached Houses
  • Cottages And Summer Homes
  • Airbnb
  • Split Level Houses

Matt Leah
Fast response time and excellent customer service. Won't be using anyone else from now on. Thanks again

Ryan Fountain
Awesome customer service answers all of your questions and is always on time or at least 10 min early!

William Adair
I was able to get an inspection done right away with a treatment done the same day. My family and I were able to rest knowing we were taken care of. We called other companies but we didn't feel confident in their services. They were very sympathetic and understanding which put us at ease. I highly recommend Tango Down to everyone in this situation.

Merle Haggard
Tango Down Pest Control in Edmonton know what they're doing

Frank L.
This company listened to my concerns and responded promptly with their services. Follow-up is part of my package so I feel confident that my bug problem is totally taken care of.
-Better Business Bureau

Kelsey Rolheiser
I was stung by two wasps at my front door. I called Logan at Tango Down Pest Control and he was at our place shortly after. I was so thankful to get someone on a Friday afternoon. The wasp situation was dealt with, as well as some ant colonies we weren't having much success with on our own. Logan was professional, friendly, and worked diligently to solve the problems. We would not hesitate to call again or refer a friend to Tango Down.

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