Pest Control Preparations Edmonton

Cockroach Treatment Preparation
Before we eliminate the cockroach problem from your Edmonton property, it must first be prepared for service.

Before Treatment

  1. Remove any items from the kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets
  2. We will need to access the fridge and stove area for servicing.
  3. Remove any items that may be on or around kitchen appliances and countertops.
  4. You will need to unclutter any areas where you have seen cockroaches in to make the areas serviceable for extermination
  5. We ask you to please clean any dirty dishes, pet food bowls, spilled food, or cooking residue as best as you can.

After Treatment
When you re-enter you may put the items you have moved back to where they were. Do not wipe or mop the floors or cupboard areas that we have treated until 2 weeks after all appointments have been completed.

If you have any further questions before treatment starts or after it has been completed, give us a call! we can help guide you through to ensure all of our efforts are successful.

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation
In order for your Edmonton property to be eliminated from any bed bug activity, you must first prepare it for service.

By following these protocols you can save time, money, and keep the problem from spiraling out of control.

Before Treatment

  • Call pest control right away, but continue to live as though bed bugs are not affecting you. Sleep in your bedroom even after identifying a bed bug infestation. We've been where you are and we know it's not easy! but if you move rooms or start sleeping on the couch, you run the risk of contaminating other areas of your home. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you breathe, and are capable of searching you out for their next meal.
  • Don't throw out your mattress or other furniture preemptively. Almost all items we service can be saved and enjoyed post-treatment. There's no need to spend money on bed bug extermination in addition to new furniture and other items.
  • Don't try to take matters into your own hands with sprays or other over the counter products. Rarely do these efforts pay off. They will most likely waste your time, money, and effort while the active bed bug population continues to grow. In addition, the over the counter aerosol spray products are very toxic to use, and if used incorrectly, the exposure could affect the long and short-term well-being of you, your family, your pets, and guests.
  • Keep your possessions in their normal place, even if bed bugs are present. If you start moving things around, furniture or other items from problem locations, bed bugs will only spread further throughout your home or business, causing an even larger headache!
  • Attempt to de-clutter rooms where bed bugs are active. Cleaning or throwing away unnecessary items like old newspapers, magazines, nic-nacks, dirty clothing etc., can help reduce the places for bed bugs to hide. It will also make it much easier for us to eliminate the problem during our service visit.

Preparing For Your Service Appointment

  1. Strip all beds and launder all linens in hot water and dry at high heat.
  2. Empty dressers, nightstand drawers, and closets. Wash all clothes and place in bags or bins for protection.
  3. Clothes, shoes, stuffed toys, slippers, backpacks etc can be placed in the dryer at high heat for no less than 30 minutes as it will help to kill all stages of bed bugs.
  4. Floors in rooms must be clear, including closets.
  5. Clothes and personal items should not be brought back into treatment areas until after the second treatment is performed 2 weeks following the first treatment.
  6. All pets including birds must be removed from the premises.
  7. Children's toys should be placed in bins or plastic bags.
  8. Do not leave exposed food on counters.
  9. Consider purchasing our mattress encasements for ongoing protection of your mattresses. Bed bug monitors are also available to help detection after treatments have been performed.

After Treatment
We recommend that you do not wash your baseboards for 3 months after your second follow up treatment. Vacuuming is advised to help keep the area clean. We suggest that you do not introduce any used furniture into the home or any other potentially infested items. We also recommend that you wait up to 3 months after your second service appointment before bringing in used items or furniture.

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