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Mice in Edmonton are everywhere. Gaining access through garage doors, loading bays, structural foundations, and any opening they can squeeze through. Countless thousands of mice reside outside and inside of our houses and commercial properties. With the human population showing no signs of slowing down, new housing construction is booming. Housing in Edmonton goes up fast and mice move in just as quickly. Many new housing developments experience a mouse or rodent problem both during, and after construction has been completed. We recommend that residents do their best to keep garbage that is outside, stored in secured containers and sealing up any gaps or openings to reduce the chance of rodents entering or re-entering their residence.

Description And Overview
With a remarkable adaptability to almost any environment, the mouse is one of the most successful mammalians on Earth. The onset of cold weather each fall in temperate regions causes them to move indoors in search of shelter and food. Mice and rodents frequently gain access to homes and businesses in Edmonton through open garage doors or structural openings. Rodents can multiply rapidly causing an infestation to develop throughout your home or business. As the rodents forage they will likely come into contact with unsecured food products as well as kitchen surfaces, dishware, and kitchen utensils. Mice have poor eyesight but amazing hearing and sense of smell and tend to be nocturnal. Gestation lasts 19-21 days, with a litter of 3-14 young. Since each female can have 5 to 10 litters per year, the mouse population can increase very quickly. Breeding occurs throughout the year and the lifespan of a mouse can last approximately 2 years in duration.

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation
1. Chewed food packaging from stored food
2. Holes in walls, chewed house framing from rodents sharpening their teeth or to create entryways
3. Foul smell coming from the walls or other hidden areas could indicate a rodent problem is present
5. Damage to couch cushions or other similar material (used for nest building)
6. Fecal matter. (Mouse fecal matter is dark in color and about the same size and shape as a grain of rice)
7. Sightings

Health Concerns Caused By Rodents
In certain contexts, mice are considered vermin and can spread diseases through their parasites and feces. In North America, breathing dust that has come in contact with infected mouse excrement has been linked to hantavirus which may lead to HPS - hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Only 5 rodents are known to be carries of HPS in North America.
These include: the deer mouse, white-footed mouse, rice rat, cotton rat, and the red-backed vole. HPS is an extremely rare disease, but it can be fatal.

Symptoms typically appear 1 to 3 weeks after exposure

Mild symptoms include:
Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headaches, muscle pain, tiredness, dizziness, coughing, fever, and chills.

Severe symptoms include:
Shortness of breath, Extreme difficulty breathing

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms consistent with HPS, and you think you may have ingested, inhaled or come into contact with infected rodent feces, urine or saliva, seek immediate medical attention.

Rodent Inspection And Prevention
The first step we take is sealing the exterior of your home from any potential entry points for mice or rodents. By performing a complete perimeter inspection, inside and outside your home we locate potential points and seal them with a combination of spray foam and steel wool. We seal up any openings that are 1 inch or below to prevent rodents from entering. Gaps that are greater than one inch, we make recommendations to call the appropriate contracting service, (Mason, Carpenter, HVAC, etc.) Prevention measures play an important part in the long-term control process by helping to prevent mice from entering or returning. Due to the variation in buildings we service, we can design a control and prevention program that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We also inspect areas inside of your structure such as inside and below kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, inside closets, pantries, fireplaces, under bathroom and kitchen sinks, washers and dryers, utility rooms, hot water heaters, furnaces, around dryer vents etc.

Need A Professional Mouse Exterminator For Your Edmonton Property?
After examining and assessing areas of suspected or confirmed rodent activity within your structure, we strategically set commercial grade bait stations along transit routes. The stations are lock and key, tamper-proof cases made of a heavy polymer plastic. The tamper-proof stations are baited with commercial grade rodenticide containing a desiccant. The commercial grade rodenticide will attract the rodents to stations and will cause them to die within approximately two to three days. The desiccant in the rodenticide will cause the offending rodent to become thirsty and starved for water, causing them to continue feeding. If the rodent dies in an area where it cannot be removed, the desiccant in the commercial rodenticide will help prevent any odors or smells from developing and will accelerate the decomposition prosses.

Will Ultrasonic Devices Solve My Rodent Problem?
Unfortunately not. Many of the products that can be bought from your local hardware store claim a lot of different things when it comes to controlling rodents, but these products don't actually provide any benefits when it comes to controlling active populations. One of the problems is that the ultrasonic devices are not capable of sending ultrasonic waves around corners, or through objects or walls, making their effectiveness as a deterrent very limited. There are many reasons why these ultrasonic devices don't work for pest control purposes. If we look at online reviews of ultrasonic rodent devices, we find that they are inconsistent. The majority of people who have used ultrasonic devices for the purpose of rodent control all seem to agree, that the repellers do not fix their rodent problem. Although there is some evidence that suggests that ultrasonic devices can deter rodents for a short time, they do not exterminate them.

Some Tips For Prevention Include:

1. Remove any clutter from around your home, garage, storage shed, etc.
2. Maintain the landscape by trimming away tall grass and cutting back weeds from around your home, garage or storage shed.
3. Secure indoor and outdoor garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids, and remove all waste on a regular basis.
4. Remove or relocate any woodpiles, organic debris, yard waste, or clutter away from your home or surrounding structures.
5. Keep food waste such as eggs or meat products out of compost sites.
6. Eliminate any nearby sources of water such as leaky outdoor taps, pipes, etc.
7. Clean indoor food prep areas regularly such as the stove, behind and underneath the refrigerator, etc.
8. Ensure all foods (including pet food) that are left on shelves, cupboards, or pantries are stored in tight-fitting hard plastic, glass or metal containers.
9. Install tight-fitting exterior door stops to reduce the chances of rodents gaining access.
10. Seal up any gaps, cracks or voids on the exterior of your structure to keep rodents from entering.

Rodents in Edmonton are plentiful, Tango Down Pest Control uses pet and child safe methods for ridding your home or business of these unwanted pests. If you hear strange noises, give us a call. Were all ears!

Are Your Extermination Methods Safe For My Kids And Pets?

Unlike many pest companies, we don't just simply show up for a few minutes, toss some stuff in your home or business, and then leave. Our rodent extermination prosses is much more calculated and precise. When exterminating rodents from your home or business, we take the full scope of your space and its occupants into consideration. The safety of your family and guests is our top priority. All of our control products are contained in locked, tamper-proof cases and placed in discreet locations, keeping your family, pets, and guests safe and rodent free.

Need Exterior Control?

Mice Love Our Outdoor Stations. We offer a couple of options when it comes to keeping mice at bay and preventing them from entering your home or business.

Option 1: Non-Discreet

Our non-discreet exterior control stations provide a professional appearance. It comes pre-installed with a concrete block that is completely enclosed with no bolts or screws that can break or fail.
When it comes to controlling rodents, our non-discreet exterior stations offer multiple options to fit your needs.

Option 2: Discreet

Looking every bit like a rock, our landscape style stations are designed to blend in with your outdoor environment.
Its realistic color and naturally textured surface give this station the authentic look of a rock and are perfectly suited for use outside of both residential and commercial properties.

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