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The Edmonton area's variety of outdoor venues draws visitors and residents to our golf courses, sports events, festivals and restaurants. Edmonton homeowners also enjoy a variety of backyard events during the summer months as well. Building nests close to our Edmonton homes and commercial establishments, there's not much else that can put a bigger damper on outdoor events like the threat of being attacked by bees or wasps.

As soon as you discover a wasp nest on your Edmonton property, contact Tango Down Pest Control for professional removal.

Description And Behavior
Bees and wasps nest in trees, ground, on the outside of buildings or the inside walls of buildings. Wasps that are known as yellow jackets or hornets are medium-sized flying insects, 10 to 25 mm. long, with black and yellow striped bodies. It has a hollow stinger at the rear of its body that injects venom when it penetrates the skin. The sting can be quite painful. Social wasp species are the most common. In Edmonton, they scavenge through garbage cans and litter causing interference with human activities. They build paper nests of varying shapes and sizes, either visible or hidden. Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once.

How Serious Are Bees And Wasps?
Several thousand people are stung by these venomous insects every year. Following a bee or wasp sting, an allergic reaction can cause swelling, itching, dizziness or shortness of breath. In some rare cases, severe allergic reaction to the venom can be fatal. Because wasps can swarm in the hundreds or even thousands and are capable of stinging multiple times, we highly recommend calling a professional pest control technician that has the proper training, products, and protective equipment to remove a nest from your property.

Tips For Prevention:
1. Make sure there are no holes or gaps around the outside of your house that could shelter wasps or bees. Seal up any holes, cracks or gaps that you can on the outside of the structure.

2. Keep garbage that is stored outdoors in tightly fitted containers. Ensure any food, fruits, or vegetables are put into a secure garbage container and taken out regularly.

3. Maintain any large backyard gardens on a regular basis. Cut down tall standing grass and weeds. These preventive measures can help in keeping bees and wasps from disturbing you and your family. If you are in a conflict with bees or wasps, we highly recommend contacting a professional exterminator as the extermination of bees and wasps can be very dangerous.

Removing A Bee Or Wasp Problem From Your Edmonton Property
When bees and wasps threaten to derail your outdoor plans, it’s time to contact a professional pest control company like us. We have the skills, equipment, and know-how to get your outdoor plans back on track.

First, we conduct inspect the problem to determine the severity, and complexity of the situation. We carefully review the situation and determine the best method for removal and the exact cost of the removal. Our expert wasp exterminator will then fix the problem, and treat the area where the nest was removed to ensure that there is nothing left behind.

I Don't Want To Pay For Removal, Cant I Deal With This Myself?
We never recommend anyone try to remove a bee or wasp nest on their own. Nests can hold larger populations than what they appear, and our expert exterminator is trained in how to assess the extent of a bee or wasp infestation. We also carry the necessary personal protective equipment that keeps us out of the emergency room.

We Care About Your Safety
Whenever you’re threatened by a nest, be it dormant or active, you can solve the problem with a single phone call. All you need to do is tell us your address in Edmonton, and choose a time that would be convenient for us to visit. We care about our you and the safety of your family and guests. When it comes to stinging insects, Tango Down Pest Control will be there for you. Let us take the sting out of your pest issue, contact us today!

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