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We provide reliable and quality commercial pest control services to save your Edmonton business from a threat or infestation. Whether you manage or own an apartment building, a hotel, motel, restaurant, retail store, office building, or retail establishment, we are specially trained to battle with infestations of all sizes and types. When your business or property is at risk, you can depend on Tango Down Pest Control to come to your rescue.

Our applicator is highly trained and able to solve your pest issues. At Tango Down Pest Control, our technician is always undergoing continuous training, which means that we have the knowledge and experience to manage a wide range of commercial pest concerns.


When you hire Tango Down Pest Control, we will start the extermination and prevention process by developing a custom-tailored pest control plan that best suits your particular business. There are several types of pests that can create destruction and chaos for your commercial property and impact your bottom line, as well as reputation. Tango Down Pest Control works 24 hours a day to resolve infestations and pest problems. Whether it's cockroaches, bed bugs, or even mice, our pest control technician has experience eradicating just about every pest out there. When you choose Tango Down, we will design a plan of action that addresses both your short-term and long-term pest control goals.

If you own an apartment building, hotel, motel or any other hospitality establishment, bed bugs are commonly one of the biggest and most frustrating pest issues you’ll have to deal with. With our top of the line treatments, we can assure you that we can resolve whatever bed bug problem you may be dealing with. For best results, commercial property owners, landlords, and occupants will need to assist our bed bug specialist by granting access to bedrooms and all of the associated furniture, as well as all of the infested areas and surrounding premises.

A rodent infestation is difficult to resolve without the help of professionals. It can also create health issues for you and for your customers and can create numerous problems if your business receives visits from health inspectors. We will take care of your rodent infestation immediately and create a safe and environmentally responsible control plan for your business. At Tango Down Pest Control, we believe that it is most important to find out the underlying causes of the rodent infestation. Once we find entry points and block those off it makes it difficult for the infestation to regain access.

What Can I Expect For My First Commercial Pest Control Appointment?
Our initial visit to your commercial establishment will consist of an inspection of the business to look for potential areas of concern and active pest problems. After this inspection, we make an outline of what was found and share our recommendations for a preventative, integrated pest management solution. During our follow up visits, our pest control specialist will continue to inspect your business while employing pest control strategies geared towards reducing active populations, or preventing future ones. While it is important for you to be present for our initial on-site inspection and evaluation, as long as a staff member is on site to grant us access, there is no need for you to be present for repeat appointments, unless you wish to be.

Do You Offer Services For My Business After We Close?
Once we’ve conducted our initial onsite evaluation to determine our pest management goals and control strategies, any additional visits can be scheduled at a time that works best for your staff or business. If that means that our pest control specialist is visiting you after hours, we can arrange a time that will maintain the confidentiality of our service.

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Commercial Structures We Service

  • Multi-Unit Dwellings

  • Office Buildings

  • Health Care Facilities And Clinics

  • Resturants And Food Establishments

  • Bakeries And Coffee Shops

  • Real Estate And New Housing Developments

  • Schools And Libraries

  • Movie Theaters And Concert Halls

  • Shopping Centers And Retail Stores

  • Hotels And Motels

  • Public Transit

  • Taxi Cabs And Paid Transportation

  • Airports And Aircraft

  • Retirement Centers

  • Assisted Living Homes

  • Banks And Finacial Institutions

  • Sports Stadiums And Public Events

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