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Public health officials will tell you that our quality of life is due in part to three key factors:

  1. Highly advanced medicine
  2. Excellent sanitation
  3. Quality pest control

Pest control is about more than just exterminating the pests that bother us, it's about maintaining a healthy, clean, and safe living environment people can enjoy. In our efforts to improve the quality of life for our Edmonton clients, we choose industry-leading companies such as Bayer. We don't invest in lower grade products that yield sub-par results just to improve our bottom line. We invest in quality.

For over 150 years Bayer has provided products that are focused on better living and maintaining a healthy environment. Their commitment to research and science has led them to develop revolutionary products that we at Tango Down Pest Control use in our services to protect what matters most. We know you'll love the peace-of-mind that comes from us using Bayer products. From being environmentally friendly to safeguarding your space from pests, you can be confident that your Edmonton home or business is in good hands.

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